Notification Changes

We’re going Green!  Effective 2016, TRICARE billing documents are available for you to view online. If you have an email address registered in DEERS, you will receive email alerts when important TRICARE billing documents are available to view. Simply log in to and select My Documents.


If you prefer to opt out of email notifications and receive your documents in the mail, you may change your preferences online at any time by selecting My Profile then, Manage Preferences.


Payment Options for:
TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS)
TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR)
TRICARE Young Adult (TYA)


TRICARE policy requires TRS, TRR, and TYA beneficiaries to establish an automated method for payment of monthly premiums. Accepted payment options are secure Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your bank account or a Recurring Credit Card (RCC) payment. Checks are not accepted for monthly payment.


Please Note:

For TRS beneficiaries, failure to comply (FTC) with the automated method of payment requirement will result in suspension of coverage. For TRR and TYA beneficiaries, FTC with the automated method of payment requirement will result in disenrollment of coverage. Additionally, 12 month lockout will be applied from the last paid-through date for all three policies.


Please act now. You may set up your automated payments by contacting TRICARE West Region Customer Service at 1-877-988-9378.


Payment Options for TRICARE Prime

Online Payment Option – (TRICARE Prime)

Sponsors enrolled in TRICARE Prime may make payments online.


Log on to,  under Secure Content on the left side of this page select Make a Payment, then Click Here to Pay and fill in the required fields on the TrustCommerce screen. For step by step instructions, see the Make an Online Payment User Guide.


Prime Sponsors may delegate permission rights, for other family members to make the online payment. For additional information on family member portal access information, please refer to the Family Member Access Guide.


Monthly Allotment from Retirement Pay – (TRICARE Prime)

TRICARE Prime monthly enrollment fees can be deducted from your retirement pay. You must receive your retirement pay from your government pay center, Coast Guard, or U.S. Public Health Service. Once established, monthly fees will automatically pull from your retirement pay.

To start an allotment, download the TRICARE Prime Electronic Authorization Payment Form, (see link to forms below) and mail to the address on the form.


Monthly Payment Options – (TRICARE Prime)

Monthly payments are equal to one-twelfth (1/12) of the total annual premium/fee amount. Monthly enrollment payments may be paid through an automated recurring electronic payment, either in the form of an Allotment set up for Retirees, an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from the enrollee's designated financial institution or Recurring Credit Card (RCC).

Quarterly Payment Option – (TRICARE Prime)

Quarterly payments are equal to one-fourth (1/4) of the annual premium/fee amount. Upon submission of your enrollment form, we will prorate the quarterly payment to cover the period until the next upcoming fiscal year quarter. Either Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) using your bank debit account or Recurring Credit Card are acceptable methods for quarterly payments. Payments are due on the first day of each quarter. If an automatic payment is set up, it will pull on the following dates:  January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.


Manual Payment Methods:

  1. Pay by phone – contact TRICARE West Region Customer Service at 1-877-988-9378.

  2. Mail payment coupon with credit card payment information to the address indicated on the billing statement.


Insufficient Funds

UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans reserves the right to collect an Administrative Fee of up to $20 (twenty dollars) for each unsuccessful attempt to pull a payment which results in insufficient funds from the beneficiary bank account or Credit Card authorized.

Payment Forms

Please select the correct payment form, based on your plan and the type of payment you would like to make. Visit the Find a Form section of our site to see all Payment Forms.