Disease Management Programs

UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans provides Disease Management programs for the TRICARE Community. These programs are designed to help:

  • manage risk for new conditions or complications of your existing conditions
  • identify and address any barriers to following a treatment plans recommended by doctors
  • reduce unnecessary or preventable hospitalizations and emergency room visits
  • identify life quality plans for people living with certain health conditions

Disease Management programs are available to high-risk individuals living with:



Cancer Risk Factors

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


Heart Failure (HF)

The Department of Defense identifies individuals with conditions who may benefit from Disease Management support. UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans works with beneficiaries to connect individuals with specially trained clinicians. Our clinicians work closely with at-risk patients to design an individualized care plans that fit lifestyles, schedules, and health goals. Care plans focus on customized, needs-based education on wellness and prevention,  connecting individuals with professional and community health resources.

Our continued goal is to improve the life quality of those living with acute and chronic conditions through individualized care plans that give confidence, expand self-care knowledge, and provide resources for safely managing health conditions.

Access the Disease Management Program Opt Out Form  (285kb).