Claims Guidelines for Beneficiaries

Submitting Claims

  • Network providers must submit claims for you.
  • If you see a non-network provider, you might need to submit a claim to TRICARE. (Ask your non-network provider if he or she will submit the claim for you.)
  • If your provider will not submit the claim, visit our How to Submit a Claim page for instructions.

Claims Information Available Online

  • Claim status
  • Verify eligibility
  • Print your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Check your Other Health Insurance (OHI) information
  • View an annual summary of your claims

Do you want to Appeal or Request a Claim Review?


If the notes on your EOB show a denied charge is appealable, then go to our Appeals page for instructions.

Claim Review

If the notes on your EOB do not include any appealable denied charges, then see our Claim Review page.

For More Information

Guiding the Claims Process Brochure