Case Management Program

UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans Case Management programs offer an integrated approach to managing your complex health care needs. We know what it takes to keep military personnel and their families healthy. So our Case Management programs are designed to be family-centered and holistic, taking into account the whole person, their needs, and their life situation.

We offer programs for Medical and Surgical Case Management, as well as specialty programs such as Behavioral Health, Cancer Clinical Trials, Transplants, Hospice Care, and TRICARE's Extended Care Health Option (ECHO).

What can Case Management do for you?

Our Case Managers provide assessments, planning ,and care coordination to evaluate your needs, to ensure that quality care is available, and your health care needs are met. Case Managers work with you to:

  • Collaborate with you and your health care providers
  • Identify community resources
  • Identify needs
  • Provide education on TRICARE benefits and systems
  • Serve as your advocate

Who can benefit from Case Management services?

Case Management programs are designed for those who may have complex or catastrophic health care needs, or those who require coordination of care among various providers. To request case management services, a beneficiary, family member, or TRICARE provider can contact TRICARE West Region Customer Service. A Military Treatment Facility (MTF) or a member of Military & Veteran's staff can also refer to Case Management.